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Best Long Range Baby Monitor

Many parents use baby monitors every day. Any old baby monitor might be fine if you live in a small home. But what if you live in a larger home? Or what if you like to sit out on the porch and drink your morning coffee. In these instances, parents will need a longer range baby monitor. But what is the best long range baby monitor? After reading this you will be able to make the choice of what the best long range baby monitor is for your family.

Best Long Range Baby Monitor

Best Long Range Baby Monitor Battery Expectations

One of the first things parents should consider is what power supply they will require for their long range baby monitor. Different units will receive power in different ways. Some units will require you to keep the unit plugged in at all times. These units are fine but to have to keep close to a power supply is a little limiting. Other units will use normal batteries. These units give a little more freedom but you must be careful not to let the battery run down. And if you do find yourself with a dead battery you need to have extra on hand. Or you will end up with a long range paperweight. Both of these options are OK if that is all you need.

However, there are other monitors that have the best of both worlds. They use a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery option is easily the best alternative. It gives you the ability to use your monitor anywhere in your home. Also a rechargeable battery means you should never run out of power.

Display Expectations From The Best Long Range Baby Monitor

The display is another aspect that is different from monitor to monitor. Some long range baby monitors will have small screens. Others will feature larger screens for viewing. While most people think that bigger is always better that is not always the case. Some parents might find the large monitors harder to carry around. While some of the smaller monitors can be easier to carry on you in a pocket. This all just depends solely on the parents preference. A good recommendation is to notice what kind of smart phone you usually like. If you like carrying a bigger phone then the bigger monitor might be right for you. However, if you like a smaller phone you will probably prefer the smaller monitor.

Monitor screens have other differences that may make a factor in a parents decision. Some monitors are in color. While others feature a simple black and white display. This should be an easy one to decide on. When looking for the best long range baby monitor a color monitor is a must.

The Best Long Range Baby Monitor Should Be Expandable

Many parents may make the mistake in thinking they only need a unit with one monitor. However, for parents with multiple children or parents that are not ruling out having more one day, they should really look at how expandable a system is. Some systems only have the ability to have one camera and one parent unit. These systems are typically a little more simple to setup and use. But if you think you might want to have another bundle of joy soon, you might want to look into a system that can last forever. Some systems you can actually add to. These systems can have multiple cameras and some can even have multiple parent units on the same system. So if you think you might need more one day, go ahead and invest a little more in an expandable system.

The Best Long Range Baby Monitor Extras

There are some other factors that may factor in to what is the best long range baby monitor for your family. Most monitors have one or two things that make them stand out from their competitors. Parents should evaluate these differences based on their wants and needs. Parents should ask themselves what do they absolutely need their monitor to do. Then they should ask themselves what other features might make their lives a little easier.

Here is a list of some of the best long range baby monitors on the market today. No matter what your wants or needs are you should be able to fulfill them with a choice from this list.

Phillips Avent SCD630

The Phillips Avent SCD630 is a good choice for a long range baby monitor. This monitor has a solid 1000 feet range. That is one of the better ranges on the market today. The Phillips Avent SCD630 is also secure. This model features a private connection from the camera to the parent unit.

The Phillips Avent SCD630 has a slightly smaller display than some of its competitors. The LCD is 3.5 inches would should be a good size for some parents. The display is in color. This display also features a temperature sensor. Parents can use this monitor to make sure everything is nice and cozy in their baby’s room. The camera for the Phillips Avent also has night vision capability. Parents can watch their baby with the lights on or off. The parent unit also has a zoom feature. This feature gives parents the ability to zoom in for a closer look The camera with the SCD360 also has a wall mount. This should give parents even more options when choosing a place for their camera unit.

The Phillips Avent SCD360 features a talk back ability. So parents can talk with their baby from other rooms in the house. This unit can also play lullabies to your baby to help them sleep. The Phillips Avent also has a nightlight that can help keep your baby calm all night.

The Phillips Avent SCD360 does have a backup battery in case of power outages.

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V Tech VM 343

The V Tech VM 343 makes a strong case for the best long range baby monitor. This monitor has range up to 1000 feet. V Tech also has incredible security features. This unit encrypts all transmissions from the camera to the parent unit. This makes it extremely difficult to gain access to the signal.

The V Tech VM 343 features a solid 4.3 inch LCD that is in color. The 4.3 inch is more of a mid size that many parents might find appealing. There is also a visual sound alert feature on the monitor. The monitor also has a light indicator that alerts parents when sound is coming from the baby’s room. This monitor also has a vibration feature. This is a handy feature for parents that don’t want to stay glued to the monitor at all times.

The camera unit on the V Tech VM 343 can move in almost any direction. This camera features a pan function. This function can pan 270 degrees from side to side. Parents can also move the camera 120 degrees up or down. These features let parents look all around their child’s room without leaving the sofa.

The V Tech VM 343 has many outstanding features. This unit has the ability to two way talk. Parents can interact with their baby throughout the home. The V Tech is also expandable. This feature will be important to parents that need to watch more than one child. This unit can be expanded to 4 cameras.

The V Tech VM 343 runs on a rechargeable battery. This unit also has a low battery indicator. Parents will always know when it is time for a charge.

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Samsung Wisenet Bright View

Parents cannot begin to look for the best long range baby monitor without factoring in Samsung. The Samsung Wisenet Bright View gives you plenty of range. This unit is capable of reaching up to 900 feet. As many would imagine, Samsung also has plenty of security built in. This unit provides a 2.4 GHz secure signal from the monitor to the camera.

The Samsung Wisenet Bright View gives you exactly what the name says. A bright view. This system packs a whopping 5.0 LCD monitor in full color. This is one of the biggest monitors on the market today. This would be a great monitor for parents looking for a size able solution. The camera on the Samsung can also pan up to 300 degrees and move up and down 110 degrees.

The Samsung Wisenet Bright View is packed full of features. This system has the ability of two way talk and night vision. The Samsung also has a voice activated quiet mode. This mode allows parents the ability to not just sit watching a monitor screen. When the Samsung hears a sound it will alert parents to pay attention to the monitor. The camera unit also has four different lullabies built in. One tap of the parent unit and parents can play a lullaby to help their baby sleep soundly.

The Samsung Wisenet Bright View also has features all to its own. This unit can actually record in HD. Parents can also use the Wisenet to help with feedings. The Wisenet features a feed timer that alerts parents when meal time is approaching.

The Samsung system is also expandable. Parents can add up to four cameras to this system.

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Babysense Baby Monitor

Babysense has become a trusted name in baby products. Their long range baby monitor is no different. Although the Babysense is missing some features that other baby monitors might have. It does have the range. The Babysense baby monitor has a 900 foot range which should be sufficient for most. The security of the Babysense is also top notch. This system provides a 2.4 GHz secure signal that is interference free

The Babysense comes with a smallish 2.4 inch color LCD display. Although this might seem small, for some families this small size will be a perfect fit. The camera with the Babysense has a digital zoom feature. Parents can use this to keep a close eye on their baby. The Babysense provides parents with crystal clear audio sound. This unit also has temperature monitoring. This is an important feature for parents wanting to make sure their baby stay comfortable all night long. The Babysense has a sound activated eco mode. This mode allows parents a break from just sitting and watching the screen all the time. The unit will warn parents when their baby makes a noise.

The Babysense does provide parents with some extra add-ons. This unit provides night vision and two way talk features. The parent unit also comes with a nifty support stand. Parents can set it up to make viewing more natural and easy.

The Babysense features a rechargeable battery. This unit will also warn when battery is starting to get low allowing parents plenty of time to charge.

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