Best Baby Gym What To Look For

A baby gym can be an important piece of baby equipment for your family.  But with so many options out there how do parents find what would be the best baby gym for their family.  Well there are many options but here are a few key components to look at before buying.  This might help you answer your question of what is the best baby gym?

What is the best baby gym

A baby gym is a flat mat that lies in the floor typically with toys at various intervals for your baby to play with.  A proper baby gym will allow your child to learn valuable motor skills.  In order to find the proper baby gym for your child you will need to look at a few specific factors

One of the most important factors for the best baby gym is the actual toy placement.  Some baby gyms only have toys that hang directly above the baby.  This keeps your baby from trying to move around.  Other gyms have toys that hang in the air and are placed around the edges of the mat.  The more different toy placement possibilities the better.  The different toys and placements will make your baby want to try to roll and move to play with different things.  For better development of your baby you will want to find a gym with as many different toy placements as possible.

The best baby gym should be portable.  Parents will want to find a baby gym that can fold up easily.  This allows for easy out of the way storage when not in use.  You will have a hard enough time finding places to store all your other baby items.  By finding a baby gym that folds and stores easily, this will be one piece of equipment that you can fit anywhere.  Easy storage is also important for families that like to be on the go.  Being able to easily fold the gym and store it in the car on long trips or vacations is a great advantage.

The Best Baby Gym Has Safety In Mind

When looking to purchase any baby toys or equipment the number one concern should always be safety.  Baby gyms are no different.  When looking for a proper baby gym always look at all the safety features.  A proper baby gym should have a flat mat.  Many parents may think that a soft cushy mat would be better for their baby.  But soft mats have dangers of their own for the baby.  So when looking for the best baby gym be sure to make sure the mat is flat. Parents need to look carefully for any other possible danger.  Such as mats with toys or small pieces that could pop off and become a choking hazard for your baby.  The best baby gym for you should be one you consider safe for your family.

The Best Baby Gym is a Clean Baby Gym

One thing that many parents overlook when purchasing a baby gym is the ability to be easily cleaned.  Keeping a baby’s equipment clean is essential.  Some baby gyms come apart easily and the mats can be washed in the washing machine like normal laundry.  Look for a mat that comes apart easy and that you feel that you can keep clean for your baby.

Best Baby Gym Other Features

Some other bonus features that some gyms have is the ability to either add toys or switch them around.  If your baby has a favorite toy hanging, it could be beneficial to be able to switch that toys position from time to time.  This could make your baby try to move and roll around to try to find and reach the toy.  Also having the ability to add new toys could keep your baby interested longer and wanting to play with their gym more often.  The more different things you can do with your baby gym they longer your baby will use it.

Here is a quick list of some of the best currently on the market.  After reading this list you should be able to easily identify what is the best baby gym for you and your family.


The Tiny Love Gymini Developlace is a baby gym that your baby will love.  The Developolace features an adjustable activity mat.  Newborns and toddlers will both love this baby gym.  This is truly a great designed baby gym.  The Developlace weighs approximately 3.97 pounds.  The dimensions of the Gymini Developlace are 28.7 x 22.4 x 12.2 inches.

The Developlace includes toys that can adjust as your baby develops.  There are 11 activities included in the baby gym.  The Developlace is great for tummy time for your baby.  The Gymini Developlace has features that allow it to keep your child entertained as they grow.  The mat folds to create a neat crawl and discover tunnel.  Or the Developlace can be transformed into a learning activity wall for your toddler.  The Tiny Love Gymini Developlace has many uses.  The Gymini Developlace can be used as a regular activity gym, great for tummy time, a crawling tunnel, and an activity wall.  With the Developlace you and your baby can have years of fun.  All these great features make the Tiny Love Gymini Developlace certainly one of the best baby gym on the market today.

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The Rainforest Melodies by Fisher-Price is an excellent baby gym.  This baby gym has a comfortable design that your baby will love.  The Rainforest Melodies weighs around 4.2 pounds.  The dimensions of the Rainforest Melodies are close to 3.2 x 23.6 x 28.4.  With the Rainforest Melodies there are two ways for your baby to play.  They can lay flat and enjoy the toys swinging over head.  Or it can be used for parents to help develop your baby’s motor skills with tummy time.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies baby gym has 10 activities for you baby to enjoy.  The toys are linkable for lay and play.  You can move your baby’s favorite toy around to help develop motor skills.  Many of the toys actually respond to your baby as well.  The butterfly toys spin around as your baby makes contact with them.  Your baby’s movements will also activate lights, music, and sounds.  Your baby will be in awe as rainforest sounds begin to play around them.  The Rainforest Melodies baby gym also has close to 20 minutes of music.  The music, sounds, and toys all respond to your baby’s movements around the baby gym.  There is also a linkable mirror that you can move around to show your baby their own reflection.  The Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies is another great candidate for the best baby gym.

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The Bright Starts Your Way Ball Play Gym is a great all around baby gym.  It has features that even toddlers will love.  The Bright Starts weighs close to 4.7 pounds.  The dimensions of the Brights Starts are 27.9 x 4.5 x 23.5 inches.  The Bright Starts baby gym is made of crinkle fabrics that are easy to clean.  This baby gym is machine washable for when accidents happen.  This baby gym also comes with a character storage bag so you don’t have to worry about losing your baby’s favorite play pieces.  The Brights Starts features a toy bar with 12 different activities for your baby.  This baby gym has many great features including engaging music and lights.

The Bright Starts baby gym has a 48 inch jumbo adjustable play mat.  This baby mat also comes with 12 engaging playtime toys.  This baby gym also has a baby safe mirror that you can move around to keep your baby trying to find themselves.  The Bright Starts design creates a closed play environment or a great tummy time mat.  The walls of the Bright Start can go up and down.  You can put the walls up and convert the baby gym to a ball pit that your toddler will love.  There are 35 colorful balls included with this baby gym.  You can easily see why the Bright Starts is also in the running for the best baby gym.

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The Moonlight Meadow Deluxe baby gym by Fisher-Price is a wonderful baby gym.  This baby gym weighs close to 3.31 pounds.  The Moonlight Meadow had dimensions of approximately 4.2 x 23.2 x 20 inches.  This baby gym has an easy fold and go so you can travel with it.  The easy fold also creates easy storage.  The Moonlight Meadow is easy to clean as well.  This design is machine washable.  The Moonlight Meadow also comes with a removable plush tummy wedge.

The Moonlight Meadow Deluxe has 6 activity toys that includes a self discovery mirror for your baby.  This baby gym is designed with 2 soft arches overhead to hang toys from.  This baby gym has features glowing lights and music that will keep your baby entertained.  The toys can be moved around from ring to ring on the baby gym.  You can also take the toys with you on the go for long car rides.  The tummy wedge works as a sit up support to help your baby learn important motor skills.

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The Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini is one dynamic baby gym.  This baby gym has a ton of play modes that will keep your baby’s attention for a long time.  The Tiny Love is also great for tummy time.  This baby gym weighs approximately 3.5 pounds.  The dimensions of the Tiny Love are around 19 x 24 x 36 inches.  The Tiny Love is designed for babies from 0 all the way up to 18 months old.  Your baby’s development is the first and foremost concern of the Dynamic Gymini baby gym.

The Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini has a ton of awesome toys.  This baby gym has a peekaboo tree, a rattling fox, and a wind chime.  However the coolest toy in the set is probably the recording toy bird.  With this bird you can record sounds or your baby themselves.  Then play it back and watch your baby in amazement.  This toy is great for working parents.  You can record a message for your baby that they can play back all day long while you are at work.

Besides the cool toys, the Tiny Love also features lights and music.  The arches of this baby gym are adjustable.  The Tiny Love also includes a mirror that is designed to encourage self recognition.  Your baby can have even more enjoyment with a bee and butterfly cloud mobile that hangs from above.  The baby gym also includes a bunny pillow that has little crinkly ears for you baby to grab.  The bunny pillow also has a little carrot tether attached.  All the toys have been designed to help your baby develop.  And you can take the toys with you.  These toys will come in very handy on long car rides or vacations.

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The Lovevery Play Gym is one of the best baby gyms on the market.  The good people at Lovevery have thought of almost everything.  They will also be getting a great jump start on their physical and mental development.  The gym weighs in at around 7.6 pounds.  The dimensions of the Lovevery are close to 44 x 38 x 24 inches.  The baby gym has achieved FSC certification for its wood and organic cotton mountable materials.  The Lovevery includes BPA free silicone teethering rings.

The Lovevery baby gym is easy to setup.  In fact it should only take about 2 minutes to get ready for baby to play.  There are no tools necessary for setup.  This baby gym features a special 5 development zones of play.  These zones are learning to focus, making sounds, how things feel, hiding and finding, and exploring colors.  Your baby will develop a different skill with the use of each zone.  The Lovevery is also easy to take down and store.

One of the zones can be setup for your baby to learn using card sets.  The Lovevery even comes with 4 interchangeable card sets to keep your baby learning something new all the time.  All the accessories are both organic and removable.  This baby gym also converts for toddlers.  When it is time to throw most baby gyms away, this baby gym is just beginning.  The Lovevery actually transforms into a fort to continue to give your toddler hours of fun.  The Lovevery is also machine washable which allows for easy cleanup.  A must have for busy parents.  Because of all its features, the Lovevery might actually be the best baby gym.

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