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Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Baby breathing monitors are a type of monitor that can detect the movement of your child. These monitors are so sophisticated that they can detect even subtle breathing movements. These types of monitors can be a great addition to any family. They can help parents sleep a little easier and might actually be a life saver. But which one is the right fit for you and your family? After reading this you should be able to determine what is the best baby breathing monitor for your baby.

Best Baby Breathing Monitor Type

There are primarily two types of baby breathing monitors. One type of monitor is the affixed monitor. These monitors are actually placed on your baby. Mostly, these types of monitors are clipped on your baby’s diaper or worn somehow. These types of monitors are typically the most reliable for information. These monitors will also provide the most false alarms. If you are truly worried about your child this might be the monitor for you.

The other type of baby breathing monitor is designed to actually slide under your baby’s crib. These monitors are less evasive than their affixed counterparts. However, these monitors typically display less information then the affixed model.

Best Baby Breathing Monitor

The Best Baby Breathing Monitor For Safety

Safety should be every parents main concern when making a purchase for their baby. If your baby has a medical condition or you just worry about your little ones safety while asleep. Then an affixed monitor might be the right one for you. If you are just somewhat concerned and your baby has shown no signs of sleep problems then you might go with a slip under pad type.

Parents also have to consider how comfortable they are with technology. The affixed devices will actually attach to the baby’s clothes. Some parents might find this a bit concerning. If you don’t want the tech to come into close contact with your baby then a pad might be the best choice for you. Also some devices have require cords for use or charging. If you choose one of these make sure that you keep the cord out or reach at all times.

Even the Best Baby Breathing Monitors Have Limitations

Baby breathing monitors offer parents the ability to sleep a little more easily. However, parents should not put their complete trust in monitors. Where SIDS is concerned, no monitor boasts a claim that it can guarantee to prevent it. Parents should use these devices to help them rest a little easier. However, they are not a complete solution. Even with proper use, parents should still be well aware of their baby’s sleeping habits.

How To Pick The Best Baby Breathing Monitor For Your Home

To pick the best baby breathing monitor for your home you need to factor in what is important to you. Do you like to travel often? Are you comfortable with technology are your baby? Are you worried enough to not mind a few false alarms in the middle of the night? These are all questions that you will have to ask to find the best baby monitor for you.

Here is a list of some of the best ranking baby breathing monitors currently on the market. Hopefully after reading through this list you will find the best baby breathing monitor for your home.

Sense-U Breathing and Rollover Movement Monitor

The Sense-U Breathing and Rollover Movement Monitor makes a strong case for the best baby breathing monitor. Parents will love that this monitor is made from BPA free materials. The Sense-U uses Bluetooth technology to hook the monitor to an app. The Sense-U has a connect-ability range of up to 50 feet in diameter. If you do wonder out of range, the Sense-U will automatically reconnect to your smartphone when back in range.

The Sense-U Breathing and Rollover Movement Monitor is an easy to use baby monitor. Parents can simply clip the sensory device on the waistband of their baby’s diaper. The Sense-U has alarms for almost any situation. The sensory device will emit an audible alarm when it hasn’t detected any breathing movements. The sensory alarm will also sound for fast breathing rates above 60 breaths per minute. This device will also alarm if it detects that your baby has rolled onto their stomach while sleeping. The Sense-U Movement Monitor also has a temperature and humidity system that is built into the unit. Your smartphone will receive readings when the temperature or humidity of your baby’s room are out of whack.

Parents will be able to receive all the data they need right from their smart device. Parents can just download the free Sense-U app on either IOS or Android through their devices store. The Sense-U Breathing and Rollover Movement Monitor comes with batteries included. Parents can begin to use this incredible system as soon as they take it out of the box.

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MonBaby Smart Button

The MonBaby Smart Button is a simple solution to parents looking for the best baby breathing monitor. The MonBaby presents an universal form design. Parents will be able to track their baby’s movements easily. This device will alert for any stoppage in breathing movements. The MonBaby will also detect if your baby is stomach sleeping. The MonBaby Smart Button will even alert for any falls or unusual movement activity. Parents will receive alerts through their smart device. All parents have to do is download the Monbaby app. The MonBaby app is available for both IOS and Android.

The MonBaby Smart Button is a fit all solution for any size. The Smart Button is designed to fit on any typically found baby clothing. Parents will receive all alerts straight on their mobile devices. The Smart Button itself produces absolutely no sound. Your baby will be able to rest comfortably with no false alarm wake ups. The MonBaby Smart Button is designed to last a lifetime.

Parents will receive data from the MonBaby smart button an amazing 5 times per second. This device is compatible with Iphone 5 and above. For Android users, Android 4.4 with Bluetooth 4.0 is required. Parents can even extend the range of this device with the special MonBridge app. The MonBaby Smart Button comes ready with everything for use right out of the box. The MonBaby Smart Button even comes with an extra battery and a screwdriver. No wonder why so many parent think this device is the best baby breathing monitor currently on the market.

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Babysense 7 Baby Movement Monitor

Parents will love the Babysense 7 Baby Movement monitor. One of the key features of the Babysense 7 is that it has no direct contact with the baby. This system simply works right through the baby’s mattress. The Babysense will even detect the slightest movements. This device is also lightweight and easily portable. Parents who like to travel a lot will love how easy it is to take the Babysense 7 with you on trips.

The Babysense 7 uses highly sensitive motion detector technology. This system has the ability to detect even the smallest of movements from your baby. The Babysense will sound an alarm if it does not detect movement within a 20 second time frame. Parents will also hear an alarm when less that 10 micro movements are detected per minute. The Babysense features 2 separate sensor pads. Parents will be able to cover the entire crib using both pads.

With the Babysense 7 Movement Monitor safety is key. The Babysense hangs right off the bottom of the crib. Your baby will not come into contact with any of the Babysense 7 cords. The single button operation of this unit is a breeze for simple and easy use. The Babysense 7 should be highly considered when looking for the best baby breathing monitor available.

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AngelCare Baby Movement Monitor

AngelCare has made a name for themselves in the baby monitor industry. The AngelCare Baby Movement Monitor is no different. This monitor should be considered by anyone looking for the best baby breathing monitor out there. The AngelCare has the ability to track even subtle movements. This system features a wireless sensor pad that tucks underneath the mattress. Also included in this system is a 5 inch LCD touchscreen that displays a great picture. The AngelCare also brings two way talk and night vision to the party in this unit.

The AngelCare is the only one stop system for every need. Parents can hear and track their baby with this system. The monitor has the ability to track even the smallest of baby movements. AngelCare will sound an alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. The camera that comes with the unit has an adjustable mount. The AngelCare system even provides a color changing pattern that tracks the temperature of your baby’s room.

The AngelCare Baby Movement Monitor has an impressive range. Parents will be able to watch their baby from as far away as 820 feet. This system is also expandable. Up to 4 additional cameras can be added to make this system one of the best. With all these features, it is no wonder why many parents think the AngelCare Baby Movement Monitor is the best baby breathing monitor.

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Snuza Go Baby Monitor

The Snuza Go Baby Monitor is as simple as it gets. This system gives the term easy to use a whole new meaning. This device is so small and portable that traveling with this device is simple. The Snuza Go Baby Monitor fits snugly onto your baby’s diaper.

The Snuza Go features an ultra sensitive tip. This tip will detect even the smallest movements from your baby. The Snuza has an audible alarm that will sound after 15 seconds of none movement. The Snuza also features a movement rate indicator that will warn parents about infrequent movements. Parents will hear an alarm sound if the Snuza Go detects less than 8 movements in a minute.

The Snuza Go Baby Monitor is no suitable for baby’s that are co sleeping. The Snuza is so sensitive that it will pick up anyone else laying down with the baby. With all the sensitivity and ease of use the Snuza is a go to baby monitor for concerned parents everywhere.

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